The Accidental Legalist

The Accidental Legalist

Dave Wiedis, Copyright 2010, 2017

Have you ever come across as rigid, legalistic, or even weird, when your intent was the exact opposite?  Have you ever impetuously said things that are misunderstood by your family and friends, or in a public setting and watched your credibility undermined?  

When my children were about ten and twelve I walked in on them as they were watching a seemingly innocuous show on the Disney Channel.  Believing that I was a wise, discerning father, my spiritual antenna went up. I scanned the dialogue intently for any hint of immorality, or for some comment that I believed would plant a dark seed into the innocent, undiscerning hearts of my children. Hearing a very subtle comment condoning premarital sex, I made my pronouncement:  “This show is insidious.  I don’t want you watching such filth.”

Some in the Christian world would admire my ability to discern the secular worldview in the subtle comment.  Some would applaud my diligence in guarding the hearts of my children.  Today, with years of experience and the benefits of hindsight, I would say I acted foolishly....