It is my perception that 80-90% of all pastors are in ‘survival mode.’ Every one of us who has served any time in the ministry knows the battering and bruising that comes with being a leader. Often we have been stripped of our dignity and do not know which way to turn, or who to talk to, to find encouragement. Often we are driven to pray in silence, and (maybe) confide in our spouses. The need for a confidant with wise and sympathetic counsel is a ‘screaming need!’ That God has called David Wiedis and ServingLeaders to enter into the lonely, broken places of pastors’ lives is a real gift to the body of Christ. From their own experiences, across many miles of travel, and in touching the many facets of ministry life, they have been prepared by God to come alongside Ministry Leaders in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Wounded Healer. ServingLeaders has worked alongside strong and successful leaders in the church, but knows the price they have paid behind the scenes.
— Rev. John Guest, Senior Pastor, Christ Church at Grove Farm, Sewickley, PA
Penny’s deep care for me and my wife has been some of the clearest evidence of God’s grace in my life. Penny has walked us through so many difficult moments, and we are undeniably more healthy and whole in marriage and ministry because of the ways God has used her. I like to phrase it this way: Paul states in 2 Corinthians 7:6, “But God, who comforts the downcast, comforted us by the coming of Titus.” Similarly, God has used Penny to comfort us. One of God’s kindest gifts to us has been Penny in our lives.
— Ajay Thomas, Pastor of Seven Mile Road Church
“... [I have] experienced a phenomenon that is now being called “toxic leadership.” ... It caused me to doubt my calling and ... collapse in on myself, through pain, depression, and a great deal of confusion. [Because of Dave and Serving Leaders] I was able to go through a very difficult period in my life that would have normally wrecked an individual and taken him out of the ministry.
I just want to thank ServingLeaders Ministries for all that they’ve done for me, and for being such an outstanding resource to help people stay in ministry, and thrive.
— Matthew Pieters, Pastor of BridgePoint Church
“...Before I met Dave and Serving Leaders I was operating in a really unhealthy way in my marriage, personal life and ministry. I came to a point ... where I was ready to call it quits in ministry and my marriage. I felt hopeless. Then my church set me up with Dave and Serving Leaders.
I was nervous when I thought about counseling, believing that I was just going to get beat up for not being the man I was supposed to be. But Dave was so different than I could have ever imagined. He came with grace and love and wanted to restore and build up, not tear down or point fingers. He wanted to get to the root of the issue in my heart. His goal was to get me to be a healthy leader. I saw failure, Dave saw hope, I felt lost, he saw an opportunity to grow in Christ and my marriage. We went through 6 months of counseling and covered many things, but the best was the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. It was going through this that opened my eyes to how unhealthy I had been, but also what I could do to become healthy in my marriage, personal life and ministry! God has used Dave and Serving Leaders to not only radically change my personal life, marriage and ministry, but it has also impacted all of my leaders and staff as well. Since I’ve been healthy, my team is growing healthier. I’ve been able to teach what I have learned, but even more so, they can SEE it in my life. Dave has also visited with Miho and ministered to our entire staff, teaching about “ruling passions.”
— Pastor Mark Stockeland - Executive Director of Haiti Bible Mission in Jeremie Haiti
The glory of Christ and the joys of ministry are the heartfelt delights of the pastor. But every Christian leader learns early in his calling that the pastoral life is the way of the cross, which also travels rocky roads and stormy seas. Based on the privilege I have in serving with Dave Wiedis – an accomplished attorney, seasoned counselor, and faithful servant leader in Christ’s Church and Kingdom – I heartily recommend his God given gifts of wisdom and encouragement. Whether your spiritual journey is under dark clouds of adversity, or seeking the covenantal rainbow of God’s providential mercy, ServingLeaders offers a place of grace in time of need.
— Dr. Peter A. Lillback, Founding Pastor, Proclamation Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA and President, Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside, PA
ServingLeaders’ desire to serve, support and encourage pastors and Christian leaders is matched by their wisdom, insight, and theological depth. There is a great need to reach and encourage pastors and leaders who so often work in relative isolation with limited emotional or spiritual support. ServingLeaders has been a source for such support to me, and any Christian leader who finds him or herself in such a condition would be blessed by their fellowship and counsel.
— S. Michael Craven, President, Center for Christ & Culture, Addison, TX
I recently flew in from out of state for an intensive week of couple’s counseling with ServingLeaders Ministries. My counselor listened to us with compassion and sensitivity and was not judgmental or critical. He ministered the grace of God to us with wisdom, compassion, truthfulness and godly insight. I would not hesitate to recommend ServingLeaders to anyone seeking Christ-centered biblical counseling.
— Client
My time spent with Dave put me far ahead of the curve in terms of taking responsibility and empathizing with all the people I have hurt. That is in large part thanks to you and your care and understanding when I was first working through everything. You are a huge blessing!
— Client
I consulted ServingLeaders professionally when I became overwhelmed with fear about my upcoming second marriage. My first 17-year marriage ended in divorce, a shattering experience for me. God has given my counselor so many gifts that make him an extraordinary counselor; his capacity for deep listening, his memory for detail, his ability to create a safe, non judgmental environment and his knowledge of God’s Word. It has been easy for me to put myself in his hands professionally because I can absolutely trust him to help lead me to God’s truth. Thank you for helping me to see myself and the Lord more clearly.
— Client
Pastors and other ordained and lay leaders are probably the most overworked, yet overlooked, populations of our churches . . . Who cares for the caretakers of others souls so that they don’t get to this stage? Usually, no one. That’s why I’m so excited about ServingLeaders Ministries. Having known Dave for several years now, I’m impressed by his heart for others and his burden to minister to those who minister. I know the Lord will use this ministry for his glory and for the growth and spiritual wellbeing of church leadership.
— John Freeman, Executive Director of Harvest USA, Philadelphia, PA
If it were not for a few godly mentors and friends the Lord placed in my life, I would not have survived as a pastor. Throughout the years, they motivated me, challenged me, and even corrected me. They spoke the truth to me in love. Their only desire—to help me be the servant, husband, and father God wanted me to become. That’s the vision Dave Wiedis has for ServingLeaders Ministries. Their heart of compassion and courage will make them a welcome friend and asset in any pastor’s life.
— Clarence A. Johnson, Former Director of Church Relations Philadelphia Biblical University, Langhorne, PA
We are grateful for you and for the ways the Lord used you to help us find healing and redemption in our marriage! We were so far apart emotionally and very stuck. You walked with us through some hard and actually very traumatic times in our relationship. We thank the Lord over and over for helping us through your ministry. Of course we still struggle at times! But we have so much more awareness of our own hearts and the impact of our past experiences, and that helps us to be able to relate to one another in healthier ways.
So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your care and input in our lives!
— Client
At first I was hesitant to participate in counseling with Serving Leaders, fearful of heavy-handed absolutes being applied broadly and blindly to sensitive personal struggles. I was afraid of what it would mean for me to ‘need counseling’ but knew that there were areas on my course with Christ dogged by painful vestiges of the past which had become unwelcome intrusions into Godly work. Once I became willing to move forward in this direction, I found the experience of counseling with ServingLeaders Ministries to be incredibly refreshing, generously grace-filled, and powerfully transformative. Although I didn’t want to admit at first that I was struggling under the pressure of ministry life, being able to talk about what I was going through with immensely capable people who ‘met me where I was at’ created for me an unprecedented arena in which issues affecting my ministry could be unearthed, examined, processed, and redeemed.
— Ministry Client