Pastors and ministry leaders must often adapt to different roles, navigate organizational change and manage pressure to excel in areas that are not a natural fit. It is normal to wonder whether the current role is appropriate and begin to lose a sense of passion or identity.

ServingLeaders is now pleased to offer vocational and career counseling services with Dr. Chip Roper through the VOCA Center.

The VOCA Center, based in New York City, offers individual coaching as well as an in-depth Calling Discernment Program to help you 1) discover your areas of passion, gifting and strength; 2) identify career and vocational options; and 3) land an opportunity to best utilize your unique wiring and skills.

Whether you are interested in learning to thrive in your current role or pursue new opportunities, VOCA’s goal is to help you serve the Lord using your unique wiring, strengths, passion and gifting.

To learn more and get started with VOCA, please complete our Confidential Inquiry Form.

About Dr. Chip Roper


Drawing on over thirty years of P/L executive responsibility, former pastor Dr. Chip Roper founded the VOCA Center to share the insights and experiences that have made work better for him and numerable colleagues. Trained and certified by Columbia University in Executive Coaching, Dr. Roper has thousands of "hours behind the desk," founding, leading, and improving organizations of many types. Chip's graduate training in program measurement/design and leadership practice, his hours of counseling experience and vast network of colleagues and resource providers, have prepared him to bring great value to you in your work journey.