Conflict Resolution and Mediation for Ministry Teams

Ministry teams often face internal conflict among their members and staff as well as external conflict from outside sources. We believe that God is sovereign over these difficult situations, using iron to sharpen iron and conflict to develop Christ-like character.

Through Mediation Therapy, we help ministry teams work toward conflict resolution, healing and restoration. This is a process to 1) help address the underlying relational issues, 2) restore broken relationships, and 3) train team members with relational skills to handle future conflict more effectively.

Whether the mediation needs are extensive or limited to just a few team members, we have seen positive resolutions transform team and organizational cultures. In cases where both parties are not willing to come to the table, we have worked with just one party to navigate the conflict in a healthy way.

To learn more, please contact Dave Wiedis at 610-517-0437 or Joe Bruni at 484-254-6559. For personal and family mediation needs, please fill out our Confidential Inquiry Form.

I appreciate the steadiness you brought to the discussions, the desire for honesty and getting to heart of the issues, and your ability to ask the proper questions. These months have been exhausting for all concerned....But God has sent people whose very presence and counsel have been streams of water in a seemingly dry and barren land. You were used by the Lord in an equally refreshing way. Thank you.
— Mediation Client
I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. I was glad to have made the investment of time. I have received the gift of letting go. If I had not made this investment in time everything would have soured... I have a new freedom. I’m deeply grateful.
— Mediation Client