Our Mission

We exist to revive, restore and resource ministry leaders and their families, enabling them to pursue health and excellence in their call to ministry.


ServingLeaders offers care, resources and counseling to vocational and lay ministry leaders. We strategically come alongside those who serve the Body of Christ.

core values

Pursuing, befriending and encouraging ministry leaders in their unique needs and challenges. 

Stepping into the complexities of personal life in ministry and engaging the heart with transparency and hope. 

Creating safety, vulnerability and honesty in the context of sin, brokenness and dysfunction. 

Offering a fresh experience with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life, identity and calling and helping leaders develop a sensitivity to God’s Spirit. 

In this brief introductory video, you will meet our executive director and hear powerful testimonies from ministry leaders.

About servingleaders

Ministry leaders play a very strategic role in the life, health and growth of the local and worldwide church. They exercise tremendous responsibility, exert powerful influence in their communities, and can have a profound impact on culture. The health of a ministry or congregation is directly affected by the health of its leaders.

But who cares for ministry leaders and their families? There are precious few safe places to address problems confidentially without criticism or judgment.

Having witnessed firsthand the pressures of ministry and the devastation that can result from a lack of pastoral care for ministry leaders, Dave Wiedis founded ServingLeaders 2007. Since then, ServingLeaders has had the privilege of serving thousands of ministry leaders and their families through pastoral care, counseling, ministry coaching, mediation, legal consultations, seminars, retreats, and more.

our story

It is my perception that 80-90% of all pastors are in ‘survival mode.’ Every one of us who has served any time in the ministry knows the battering and bruising that come with being a spiritual leader. Often we have been stripped of our dignity and do not know which way to turn, nor who to talk to, to find encouragement. Often we are driven to pray in silence…
— Rev. John Guest, Founding Pastor of Christ Church at Grove Farm

What We Do

  • Confidential Pastoral Care: Healing and encouragement for those in the storm of ministry.

  • Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling: Creating connection and shaping a Godly response to personal and family challenges.

  • Seminars: Training for ministry leaders, teams, staff members, and congregations. Topics include: Avoiding Burnout and Flameout, Cultivating Emotional Health, An Inoculation Against Sexual Misconduct, Avoiding Leadership Failure, and more.