The ServingLeaders team is available for conferences, retreats, seminars, and workshops. With extensive experience in teaching and counseling, our team combines case studies, humor and an interactive approach that will keep you informed and engaged. You will walk away from a ServingLeaders seminar with valuable tools. Below you’ll find some of the seminar topics ServingLeaders has covered.

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Your Ruling Passions: How the Idols of Your Heart Can Sabotage Your Ministry, Marriage and Family

Henry Scougal said “The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of its love.” What and whom do you most love?  What are you most passionate about? What energizes you?  What are your priorities?  How do your passions positively and negatively affect your relationships with your family, friends, and God? Your ministry? Are there any hidden areas in your life that have the potential to sabotage your life, marriage, family, and ministry?  

Pastors and ministry leaders are not exempt from hidden landmines and idols of the heart.  In fact, it can be even more challenging to identify these because they often are disguised by the seduction, challenges and trappings of “ministry.”  Examining the lives of the Apostles Peter and Paul as biblical examples, this in-depth, interactive seminar provides a forum to honestly explore and prioritize your passions in a way that can help you deepen your walk with God and others, and help avoid the dangerous landmines that have the potential to sabotage your ministry, marriage, family and relationships.

I’ve been around ‘world famous’ preaching, counseling, and leaders of the modern church, and the Ruling Passions material brings them all together. I’ve attended the seminar on multiple occasions, and my heart has been consistently confronted in new, yet frustratingly familiar, ways each time. But at the end of the day what I’ve taken home from Ruling Passions is (1) when I’m honest about my past it really is more relevant to the current climate of my heart than I know (2) my heart is more consistently corrupt, afraid, and deceptive than I know (3) if I truly believe in grace that flows from the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, then there is forgiveness, healing, dignity, purpose, and future hope beyond what I know. I could not more highly commend Ruling Passions seminar to you, to your marriage, to your ministry, to your church leaders, and for all those you love.
— Jonathan Olsen, Pastor of Grace and Peace Community Church (Philadelphia)

Mandatory Reporting of Abuse
Training for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

As pastors and ministry leaders, we face complex and heartbreaking situations all of the time. It is our responsibility to know the law and be equipped to do the difficult task of reporting abuse. One of our core values is transparency, and we believe that coaching organizations in mandatory reporting creates a culture that protects and helps everyone -- from the top leader to the newcomer -- to be open before the Lord and flourish in their faith and ministry.

I asked Dave to speak to our ministry staff and invited guests from other local churches on recent changes to state requirements for Abuse Reporting, and he exceeded my already high expectations. Given his impressive and diverse background as a teacher, lawyer, christian counselor, elder and founder of ServingLeaders Ministries, it is not surprising that Dave is especially well equipped to provide training on a host of important topics facing today’s church. Dave helped to simplify an otherwise complex set of statutes with specific attention to the responsibilities of church pastors and volunteers for timely reporting. His use of hypothetical and real-life examples was particularly helpful. Most importantly, he connected with the audience in a meaningful way, leaving us all much better equipped to deal with this important subject.
— Ted Frank, Executive Pastor, Keystone Fellowship

Avoiding the Nightmares of Pastoral Flameout and Burnout

Flameout (moral failure) and Burnout (physical and emotional exhaustion) are leading reasons why ministry leaders are forced to leave the ministry.  Pastors, missionaries, and church planters are at particular risk due to the 24/7, fast-paced, non-stop demands and inherent isolation of ministry.  This seminar provides a detailed discussion of the phenomena of flameout and burnout, the downward spiral leading to these conditions, and the necessary and practical steps for staying healthy in the marathon distance run of ministry.

I found the ServingLeaders Ministries seminar on Avoiding the Nightmares of Pastoral Flameout and Burnout to be intensely practical with a strong biblical approach. I felt encouraged to know that I am not alone as I interacted openly with clergy who were themselves willing to be transparent with me. I experienced a level of support and empathy not typically found in my own denomination. I left feeling rejuvenated and exhorted to ‘take heed for myself,’ Paul’s counsel given to Timothy. I will make it a point to attend future seminars.
— Paul E. Houseworth, Disston Memorial Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA

Avoiding Pastoral Abuse of Authority and Sexual Misconduct in Your Church

Shepherds have a high calling to feed their sheep. Scripture solemnly warns them to not feed on their sheep.  Nevertheless, pastoral abuse of authority and sexual misconduct occur at epidemic levels.  Sexual temptation is a real and direct threat to the heart of your church ministry, marriage, and family.  The real question is not if but when you will face temptation!  Abuse of power and sexual misconduct are the primary reasons pastoral counselors and pastors are sued and experience ministry failure. 

Using a series of real-life hypothetical’s, this interactive seminar will help you experientially examine the multiple level of power dynamics that occur in church planting settings, including pastoral counseling, and help explain why those dynamics can create a tsunami of factors that can destroy even those with the highest integrity and resolve. What is abuse of power?  What should you do when you are sexually attracted to a congregant or she/he is attracted to you?  This talk could save you, your family, and your ministry from a lifetime of heartache and failure.


Legal and Ethical Issues in Ministry and Counseling: Honoring God and Your Flock While Safeguarding Your Church from Legal Nightmares

Most pastors engage in pastoral counseling but have had little training in the legal and ethical landmines that can potentially explode into personal and legal nightmares for the pastor, staff and church when ethical standards are ignored or violated.  This seminar introduces legal concepts of negligence and intentional tors with which your pastoral staff should be well acquainted. It then exposes dangerous hidden “landmines” and address issues of: abuse of power, competence, high risk counseling practices, referrals, confidentiality, communication with elder boards, medications, sexual misconduct, and mandatory child abuse reporting requirements.


Creating an Emotional Connection in Marriage

God designed us for intimate connection in marriage.  What are the factors that destroy intimacy and connection?  This seminar explores the negative cycles that can afflict marriage and provides practical ways to regain intimacy and emotional connection.


sexuality and The Church:  Burning Issues in the Age of“Tolerance”

What does the Bible say about sexuality? Are people “born gay?” Is it a “choice?”  What are the multiple and complex factors that contribute to a person developing same sex attraction? How should Christians and the Church respond to individuals as well as the GLSBT community?  Do you know how to address issues such as “gay marriage,” “civil unions,” “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” “tolerance,” and unwanted same sex attractions?  What are the implications of these issues on religious liberty?  This interactive seminar will address these and other issues and provide you with a loving, cogent, and biblical response to this important and relevant topic.


Avoiding Leadership Failure

No leader is immune to failure.  The devastation hurts families, ministries, churches, and communities.  This seminar addresses common landmines that make leaders susceptible to failure and provides practical steps to expose and avoid factors that weaken leaders and cause them to implode.


Your Faith, Your Vote, Your Freedom: A Biblical View of Politics and Our Responsibility as Christians and the Church

Does the Bible have anything to say about politics, voting, or the responsibility to be “salt and light” in the political world? Should Christians exert any influence on political issues? Is there a “Christian” position regarding political parties? How close do liberals, conservatives, the occupy movement, or the Democratic or Republican parties comport with Biblical instructions regarding marriage, abortion, taxes, homosexuality, environment, justice, equality, and fairness? Given the importance of the upcoming election, all believers should develop a biblically shaped worldview on these questions, and the answers may surprise you. Come join the discussion of these and many other topics that will be addressed in this interactive class.