Wellness: More Than Just in Your Head

Laura Nagy, Copyright 2019

When you sit back and think of your well-being…what comes to mind? Your mental wellness? Emotional wellness? Spiritual wellness? Physical wellness? There are so many versions of “well-being” that we could focus on, but what if I told you that they are actually all connected? The latest research shows us that what we do with our physical bodies affects our mental state, and our mental state is deeply connected to our emotional state. Think of the feeling of mental sharpness you get after a good night’s sleep. It isn’t a coincidence! And it’s not simply a one-way relationship between our physical wellness and mental wellness. In the opposite direction, what goes on in our minds can cause changes in our bodies. Perhaps you have noticed headaches or tiredness during times of stress? Or an urge to overeat? Your body “feels” everything your mind and heart are saying, and your mind and heart can be altered, weakened or strengthened by your nutrition, sleep, movement and physical environment.

For many of us, it may be easier to favor some aspects of our wellness over others. If you’ve become used to forgetting that you have a body at all, it might be new and even daunting to consider how you can take care of it. And for others who have poured their energies into working on their physical wellness, taking a step inward to grow in mental and emotional health can be scary or perhaps seem like a waste of time. However, there is tremendous power in bringing the different pieces of ourselves back together. As I have worked with clients over the years and watched my own journey with wellness unfold, I have seen again and again that when we start to bring together all the aspects of our wellness, the reward is huge! God made us complex and beautiful beings. Scripture says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are spiritual beings with a mind, living in incredible bodies that are worth caring for.

All of this can sound like a great concept, but where to start? If you’re struggling with any part of your well-being, finding the right guidance and support is the first step. As a nationally certified Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, I am thrilled to join the ServingLeaders team. I provide personalized coaching to guide you in your wellness goals. Specifically, if you are interested in a nutrition plan tailored to your needs, or a new program for movement and fitness, I will work with you to develop a plan that works for you. I look forward to assisting you in moving toward your healthiest body, heart and mind.