Host a Table

  • As a table host you personally invite friends to join you as your guests at your table and help them feel welcomed throughout the evening.

  • There is no cost to host a table.

  • Tables seat 10 people (we can adjust +/- by a few).

  • You can host multiple tables.


  • Visit our Registration Page and select “Table Host” in the Attendee Type. You can add additional guests to your table at this time (Attendee Type: Table Host Guests), or return later to RSVP for your table guests.

  • You will receive a confirmation email, which has a link for you to return and “Register Again” - simply skip the box with your name and select “Add Someone Else” to RSVP for additional guests at your table (Attendee Type: Table Host Guests).

  • Your finalized table list of names and meal selections (chicken, salmon, or vegetarian) is due by Thursday, October 17.

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