Spiritual Refreshment and Renewal

Recommended Retreat Locations


Hephzibah House Ministries, NYC

Hephzibah House is a peaceful oasis on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, less than one block from Central Park.  They welcome anyone serving in Christian ministry to book a reservation.  Visit their website for more information.


Silver Bay YMCA Conference & Family Retreat Center, NY

The Brookside/Trinity Ministry provides two private bath facilities dedicated to the spiritual growth of all who come to stay. They are primarily available to pastors and their families and lay people who are involved in ministry. Visit their website for more information.


Additional Retreat Options
ServingLeaders leads spiritually challenging and refreshing retreats on an as-needed basis. In addition to hosting such retreats, we have a network of free or low-cost retreat opportunities in a variety of beautiful settings for pastors and their wives (and families space permitting). To learn more, please contact Cyndy Bergmaier at cyndy@servingleaders.org.