Often when ServingLeaders presents a seminar or shares a sermon, we have the opportunity to record what is presented and share it here. Click the title to download or stream.


Making Moral Decisions in a Profoundly Immoral World
Dave Wiedis
Goshen Baptist Church, June 17, 2018


Serving Leaders Who Serve: Ministry Burnout, Boredom, Self Care & More
Dave Wiedis & Joe Bruni
Pastor Bill Shishko's Radio Program: "A Visit to the Pastor's Study"
February 3, 2018


Futility and Foolishness of Idolatry
Dave Wiedis & Pastor Phil Carnuccio
Providence Church, May 14, 2017


The Bully Pulpit: Toxic Leadership in the Church
Dave Wiedis
The Row House, May 12, 2017


When the Good Becomes the Ultimate
Dave Wiedis
Part I Providence Church, March 19, 2017
Part II Providence Church, March 26, 2017


What is Truth? Fatal Pitfalls of Relativism and Subjectivism
Dave Wiedis
Part I Providence Church, July 31, 2016
Part II Providence Church, August 7, 2016


Hope in Depression
Part I
Dave Wiedis Interviewing Pastor Phil and Jill Carnuccio
Providence Church, April 3, 2016
Part II Dave Wiedis
Providence Church, April 10, 2016


Jesus Heals the Leper
Dave Wiedis
Providence Church, January 3, 2016


Faith, Science and Reason
Dave Wiedis
Providence Church, July 19, 2015


Pornography: The Sin That So Easily Entangles
Dave Wiedis
Part I Providence Church, May 31, 2015
Part II Providence Church, June 7, 2015
Part III Providence Church, June 14, 2015


Motivations of the Heart
Dave Wiedis
Providence Church, March 8, 2015


Incarnational Listening
Dave Wiedis
Providence Church, November 16, 2014


Your Ruling Passions:
How the Idols of Your Heart Can
Sabotage Your Life, Relationships & Career
Dave Wiedis
Life Community Church, March 30, 2014


How to Help People Who Are Suffering
Dave Wiedis
Providence Church, March 2, 2014


With What Are You Building? 1st Corinthians
Dave Wiedis
Providence Church, February 24, 2013